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work-in-progress of debut EP.


Sandrine Chatron (harp) Stephanie Pan (voice) and Tijs Ham (electronics),
on thoughts by Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) and Dick Raaijmakers (1930-2013).
. Third Prize at finals of Dutch Harp Composition Contest 2014 (all ages and nationalities) .
commissioned by Gaudeamus

Zid (‘The Wall’, for lyrics click on the picture)

for choir (SATB) on a Serbian poem by Vasko Popa (1922-1991).
performed by Haarlem Voices


music and sound for an open air theatre, see the image for an impression of the decor :)

POD Sessions

music and sound editing for interviews about possible roles of design;
other vids can be found
commissioned by De Vorm

HOMESICK – Yes yes yes yes yes

music for theater/dance, an excerpt. (premiered during Vondelpark Openluchttheater 2013)
excerpt of music for music-theatre show.
. . [headphones or massive speakers advised]


electronic EP debut.
<< currently in mastering phase >>

for vocal ensemble (SSBBB), organ, electronics;
composition with Zeno van den Broek.
check out this blog to stay tuned! <<<<
commissioned by Gaudeamus
. with aid of FPK and Fonds21

Residency at LeineRoebana
to create a solo act where the electronics are an extension to my voice and vice versa. read more here.
. with aid of FPK

A composer’s statements
some thoughts expressed in words.

new website (coming asap)